Comfrey herb has a million uses! Here are 10 great ones to get you started!

  1. Fertilizer: Grow comfrey around your other plants as a living mulch and chop-and-drop fertilizer. Comfrey out-performs manure, compost and many liquid feeds for concentration of nutrients.   It produces these from a deep root system extending right into the subsoil that most edible plants cannot access.   It also has an ideal Carbon:Nitrogen ratio which means that it does not hamper absorption of nitrogen by plants.
  2. Wounds: Comfrey is second to none when it comes to encouraging wound healing. Everything from bruises to broken bones can be helped with a comfrey salve or poultice. 
  3. Scars: Apply topically to help diminish or eliminate scars. Comfrey oil is a great scar treatment.
  4. Fibromyalgia: Comfrey can be an effective part of your overall fibromyalgia management strategy. Use a comfrey salve or bath tea to soothe.
  5. Muscles and Joints: Use comfrey topically to relax sore, tight muscles and relieve arthritis pain. In some cases, it may work better than prescription drugs. 
  6. Digestive Ulcerations: Comfrey’s combination of soothing mucilage and wound-healing allantoin make it an excellent treatment for ulceration of the digestive system. 
  7. Airway Congestion: When taken as a tea, comfrey has good expectorant properties. Comfrey should not be taken by anyone with liver issues.
  8. Urinary Health: Comfrey helps to tone, sooth, and heal an irritated urinary system. 
  9. Eye Strain: Use a cold infusion of comfrey as an eyewash for strained or irritated eyes.
  10. Sitz Bath: Used as a yoni steam to soothe and heal after the trauma of delivery.