Hatching baby chickens can be educational and entertaining for the whole family! Watching the whole timeline of chick development unfold while incubating is like magic! However it does require a few pieces of equipment that you will need to have a successful hatch and brooding into chicken adulthood! Here’s some of the products I use!

#1 Of course you’ll need to start with some fertile (hopefully) chicken eggs! But after you acquire those, you’ll need a reliable incubator.

This Kebonnixs Incubator is great for the hobby farm. It fits 12 chicken eggs. And even features an egg chandler, automatic egg turner, and humidity controls. You can even refill the water ranivore without opening the incubator, which is super convenient!

It’s reliable and a great price! Grab yours here –>


#2 If you’re looking for an incubator with a little more room, this Maticoopx is fantastic! It comfortably holds 30 chicken eggs! It also has an automatic egg turner, humidity control, and an egg chandler.

It has reliable hatch rates and can also accommodate duck eggs!

You can find one here–>


#3 To check your eggs fertility you’ll need an egg chandler. Depending on which incubator you use, it make have one attached. Or you may choose to get a separate one.

This one from Good Mother is bright and powerful enough to see thru the shells and check for development of your chicks.

You can find yours here–>


#4 After the hatch you’ll need a safe warm space for your babies. There’s different ways to keep your precious chicks happy and healthy! An enclosed brooder like this is a great option for a small space. It has warming bulbs and is easy to keep clean.

Find one here –>


#5 If you have the space, something like this portable option will give your babies lots of space to grow and spread their wings! It’s easy to clean out and can be stored away when not in use. This style will need supplemental heating added on. But the zip up feature allows for you to watch your babies play safely.

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#6 I use these types of heat plates as opposed to heat lamps. Heat lamps are fine, but can pose a fire hazard. Especially if you are brooding your chicks in a barn or shed like me. If left unattended, lamps can overheat or get knocked around by other animals.

These heat plates are very safe! The don’t overheat, they are very steady and don’t get knocked around.. The legs are adjustable, so it can grow with your chicks. These also use let energy wattage than a traditional heat lamp!

Find a great one here –>


#7 Your babies are going to be thirsty and hungry after their hatch. I like these waterers because of the legs attached. They help keep the bedding out of the water and the water out of the bedding. Dry chicks are HAPPY chicks!


#8 Soon those babies are going to be very hungry! You’ll need to start them on a Chick Starter. Medicated is a great way to give them a healthy start. The medication helps shield them from coccidiosis. Which can kill a baby chick quickly. These crumbles have vitamins and minerals to get you babies off to a great healthy start.

Find feed here –>


#9 Your chicks are going to need bedding to keep them dry and clean. Wood chips are a great option. You’ll be able to remove any soiled flakes, and replace with fresh.

There’s many options. Here’s one that you can have delivered to your door!


#10 You’ll need a good thermometer to be sure your incubator and brooder stay at the optimal temperature! This one has a humidity hydrometer too! It’s digital and easy to use!


Remember that when hatching and brooding chicks, there’s more than one way to do it successfully! Brooders can be made many different ways and still keep your babies happy and healthy!! The most important things are to keep them safe from predators, dry, and warm. Just like mama would do! Enjoy your babies! They grow fast!

Hatching and Brooding Chicks. Products you'll need to do it successfully.